Saandeepani Shishya Vethana Scheme 2024: Imp Dates, Form

The Karnataka State Brahmin Development Board has introduced the Saandeepani Shishya Vethana Scheme 2024 to provide educational opportunities for children in the Brahmin community. This scholarship aims to offer financial assistance, enabling students to pursue higher education without facing financial obstacles. Recipients of the scholarship can use the funds to cover various educational expenses, including … Read more

Old Pension Scheme Karnataka 2024: Eligibility, Apply, Process

In 2024, the Karnataka state government introduced the Old Pension Scheme, providing an option for government employees dissatisfied with the new pension system. To avail the benefits, interested applicants must complete the application form before the specified deadline. Eligibility extends to government employees notified before April 1, 2006 but appointed on a later date, and … Read more

Karnataka Bhagyalakshmi Scheme 2024: Registration Online

In this article, we’ll delve into the Karnataka Bhagyalakshmi Scheme 2024, the latest initiative by the Karnataka government. The scheme, introduced in 2006 and recently revised, focuses on economically empowering women and their families. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of women and children in the state, the program provides financial assistance to families … Read more

Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2024: Apply Now

This article sheds light on the recent initiative launched by the Karnataka government, presenting the Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2024 as a pioneering move in the digital age to facilitate citizen services. In an era dominated by online accessibility, this scheme empowers citizens to procure various government services effortlessly by applying through a user-friendly online platform. … Read more