SAHITHAM Portal 2024: Guide, Apply, Login,

In this article, we explore the important steps taken by the Government of Kerala in leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences through the launch of the SAHITHAM Kite portal in 2024. This portal serves as an unprecedented initiative to empower students by offering a comprehensive training management system. An integrated digital interface. It streamlines access to educational resources, interactive training programs and learning materials, providing students with a centralized platform for academic enrichment. This article highlights important aspects of the SAHITHAM portal, including its benefits, eligibility criteria, features and more.

Sahitham Portal

SAHITHAM Portal is an online platform dedicated to holistic training management system tailored to the needs of students. Covering diverse educational domains such as skill development, career counseling and personalized learning pathways, the learning management system caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs. Students can avail the portal to access innumerable online courses, seminars and training programs aimed at enhancing academic performance and preparing for future professional challenges. Additionally, the portal serves as a centralized hub for educational resources, providing students access to a vast repository of study materials, reference guides, and practice activities, thereby fostering multiple opportunities for academic reinforcement.

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Overview Details of SAHITHAM Portal

Name of portal SAHITHAM kite portal
Started by Kerala government
Starting year 2024
Portal language English aur Malayalam
Main benefits Kerala students
Giving information To Provide Services with Training Management System to the students of the state.
Mode of registration online
Official website ___

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Objective of SAHITHAM Portal

The primary objective of this portal is to provide a robust training management system to the students in the state of Kerala which includes services like online courses, skill development programs, career counseling and access to educational materials. Giving priority to the needs and preferences of the students, the portal aspires to establish a user-friendly and student-centric platform by actively incorporating feedback and engaging with student recommendations.

Benefits and Features of SAHITHAM Portal

  • The portal offers a comprehensive training management system to support students in Kerala.
  • It simplifies the entire training process, making it accessible for students to manage their training activities seamlessly.
  • Accessible from any internet-enabled device, the portal ensures wide availability to students across Kerala.
  • Offering a diverse range of training courses and resources, students can select courses that suit their interests and professional aspirations.
  • Students can explore different areas of interest, acquire new skills and expand their knowledge in technical and non-technical areas.
  • The portal offers training programs at par with industry standards, ensuring that students acquire relevant and updated skills.
  • A detailed course catalog is available, providing information about the various training programs offered to students of Kerala.
  • Students can easily register and enroll for their chosen training programs through the portal.
  • The portal offers various instructional resources including e-books, presentations, videos and interactive modules complementing the learning experience.
  • Students can track their progress, review completed courses and assess overall performance using the portal’s progress dashboard.
  • Notices and reminders about upcoming deadlines, new course offerings and other relevant information are communicated to students through the portal.

Eligibility Criteria

  • SAHITHAM portal is exclusively available for students of the Indian state of Kerala.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a government recognized educational institution including schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools and related educational institutions.
  • Applicants must be current students at the time of application and throughout the training program.
  • Some training programs on the Portal may have additional eligibility criteria based on unique requirements set by the program organizers.

Required Document List

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • PAN card
  • School Certificate

SAHITHAM Portal Login Process

  • Visit the official website of the portal.
  • On the homepage, find the login form.
  • Enter username and password.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the Login button.

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Registration Process under SAHITHAM Portal 2024

  • Visit the official website of the portal.
  • Click on Register Now option on the homepage.
  • Enter details like date of birth and mobile number.
  • Teachers can provide additional information including PAN number.
  • Attach necessary documents.
  • Verify the details and submit the application form.

Reset Password on SAHITHAM Portal

  • Visit the official website of the portal.
  • Click on Forgot Password in the login option on the homepage.
  • Complete the required details in the form.
  • Click on Change Password option to reset your password.

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