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A result of RIIMS Assam Portal Education Campaign Scheme 

Government of Assam has developed a web portal/mobile app (RIIMS SSA Assam Portal) to track the attendance of primary school children/teachers.

Overview Details of RIIMS Portal Assam 2023 

Title RIIMS Assam Portal Login – dme.assam.gov.in merit list 2023 
Name of the Portal RIIMS Portal 
Managed By Government of Assam 
Name of Department Education Department of Assam 
Beneficiaries Teachers and Students 
Mode of Login Online 
State Assam 
Portal Created By Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) 
Launching Date 09th September 2021 
Official website sdmis.ssa.assam.gov.in 

RIIMS Assam Portal 2023 

  • To note the details the Department of Education is in direct connection with the data server on school attendance. This portal was launched on 9 September 2021 by Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Yojana, a national flagship programme. Under the official website and secondary website. Thus, the portal uses the Real-time Identity and Information Management System (RIIMS) SSA Assam portal login for attendance purposes. 
  • Every day, the education department can access the portal and analyze the behavior of student participation and student dropouts.  
  • Here, you can know the steps that go into the login of the attendance website and the benefits derived from the data by the education department. 

PMAY Gramin List Assam

RIIMS Assam Portal Objective 

The Government of Assam runs the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) denoted by the Axom Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mission (A.S.S.M). The SSA program is run on specific objectives to meet the set goals and they can be seen as:- 

  • To introduce school facilities in those habitations which are not served by any other school. A school should be established in a predetermined time frame. 
  • The SSA RIIMS program involves enrollment of children ages six to fourteen in schools, alternative schools, and back-to-school camps. 
  • Efforts are made to ensure that the children complete their primary education system without dropping out. 
  • Adequate training will be provided to the teachers so that they can provide high quality education to the school children. In addition, teachers will be made aware of teaching materials, textbooks, etc. 

Conducting activities for socially backward communities 

  • This helps them to seek reform in matters of social justice. 
  • Management of schools, Panchayati Raj Institutions and People’s Committees are traditionally run by men. 
  • Socially disadvantaged communities are often neglected and hardly have a presence. Furthermore, the main objective is to inculcate gender sensitivity in these institutions. 

RIIMS Assam Portal Login 2023 In Hindi

Admin Login @ sdmis-ssa.assam.gov.in 

  • The administrator can enter the login page by using the main web portal address like www.sdmis-ssa.assam.gov.in
  • The main page of the web portal will open with the resultant searches and you can login by managing the login details.  
  • You will get admin login dialog box and you have to enter username and password, enter captcha and click on login button. The web portal will direct you to the Admin Dashboard. 

Benefits derived from dmis ssa assam gov in 

  • The portal integrates multiple communities like teachers, students, school management, education department of Assam etc. 
  • The portal maintains attendance record of primary school children and respective teachers. The information on record will be used to improve the present education system. 
  • The attendance of the students will help in tracking their education and the education department should react swiftly to implement corrective measures. 
  • The basic objective is to check the attendance of the student in the school without leaving the classes/school for a long time. According to the rules, students and teachers should be present in the school according to the time table. 

RIMS Assam State Portal 2023 In Assamese

RIIMS Assam Portal Login 

  • Download RIMS SSA Assam App for Attendance  
  • RIIMS SSA Assam App has been made available on Google Play Store 

create a ticket at uvdesk.axomssa.com 

For creating tickets on UVDesk portal, users may have unanswered queries on @uvdesk.axomssa.com web portal and for such queries, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) provides solutions. You need to enter the required web page of the SSA website and operate the page as per the instructions. 

  • User can login to the web page of the website https://uvdesk.axomssa.com/en/user/create-ticket/ and fill the details on ‘Create Ticket Request’. 
  • Users should enter their name, email, select ticket type from the drop box, subject and message it (contains ticket content). 
  • You need to upload the documents in the attachment section, if any. 
  • And click on Create Ticket. 

Contact Information

Helpline Number- 7032564969, 7207830969, 77663969 

RIMS Portal Helpline Number 

All the candidates who are facing some problem and have queries. They can contact on helpline no. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has created this RIMS portal? 

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) 

Who are the beneficiaries of this RIIMS Portal? 

Teacher and Student 

What is the official website of this RIIMS Portal? 


Under which department this portal has been created? 

Education Department of Assam 

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