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What is PM Kusum Yojana. Prime Minister Kusum scheme provides incentives for differently abled people like computers, laptops and scooters. The PM Kusum Yojana has three categories, i.e., beneficiary who don’t have any power of grip (disabled), beneficiary with both lower limbs (paraplegic) and beneficiary with lower limbs and blindness (double amputee). If you are eligible and want to know how to avail the benefits under this scheme, keep on reading this article. pm kusum scheme

PM Kusum Scheme 

  • PM kusum new list – To register under this new scheme you need to be an Indian citizen and have an annual income below Rs. 36,000/- per annum  
  • PM kusum purpose – This is a home loan subsidy scheme which aims at providing affordable houses for those belonging to economically weaker sections (EWS) with a low income  
  • PM kusum benifits – A low interest rate of 4% per annum will be given on the loans taken from banks. These rates are not only competitive but also beneficial in comparison to some of the market rates that are as high as 13%. Along with this, in order to make housing more affordable, EWS people will get some cash back through additional incentives such as free home site selection assistance, one-time full payment concession, no down payment requirement and low monthly installments over the tenure of the loan. 
  • The government has set strict eligibility criteria for those who wish to apply for Kusum Scheme including making sure that they are 18 years old or above and live in any state other than Assam, Meghalaya or Jammu Kashmir. They should be living in a house smaller than 300 square feet or possess land less than 1 kanal (1 acre) 

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Prime Minister kusum benefits 

  • Aiming to provide all the benefits for the woman, PM Kusum scheme is announced on International Women’s Day-8th March 2018 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Odisha launch. With the aim of achieving gender equality and empowerment of women in India. PM kusum yojana assures a new life for such struggling woman by fulfilling their basic needs such as low income group household goods and kitchen items. Furthermore, one of the major highlight feature is PM kusum benifits which is completely free.  
  • However with coming up of so many schemes or campaigns like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan still Indian women are struggling to earn their respect in society due to various ill effects like motherhood discrimination etc. Thus PM kusum benifits will provide an opportunity to get it resolved. For example; if you are a woman then you can use this PM kusum benifits through which your daughter will be enrolled in an Anganwadi/childcare centre and under that programme.
  • she will be provided nutritious food and her healthcare services will also be taken care off. Moreover, there is no need to pay any extra money at that time because everything will be provided by the government with pm kusum yojana. PM kusum benifits can be availed just by filling out the online form and then submit your information along with required documents at bank. That way, we have saved a lot of our precious time without standing in long queues for hours together! PM kusum mein bata dikha sakte hai ki ek set ke liye kitne bhi samay se wait hota hai.  pm kusum scheme
  • However when it comes to pm kusum benefits registration procedure one must follow the instructions properly without skipping any steps otherwise there are chances where some important points might not be covered correctly. Such mistakes lead into invalidation of the application. 

How to register for PM KUSUM scheme 

You can register yourself at the PM KUSUM website or you can download the registration form and submit it to your nearest PM KUSUM center. The list of beneficiaries is updated every month on the third day from the date of application. You will receive a confirmation SMS and email once your name is added to the beneficiary list. If you do not receive any confirmation within 15 days of applying then you should contact your nearest PM KUSUM center for assistance.  pm kusum scheme

Prime Minister Kusum scheme provides monthly benefits such as rice, cooking oil, pulses, wheat flour, sugar and kerosene (for 8 months). PM KUSUM also covers medical expenses worth up to Rs 500 per family per year. PM KUSUM will provide a life insurance cover of up to Rs 1 lakh rupees with accidental death cover of up to Rs 25000 rupees. You are eligible for this if you are an adult Indian citizen who resides in India for more than 6 months in a year, and whose annual income does not exceed 10 lakh rupees.  

The list of beneficiaries is available at

Registration process of pm kusum yojana 

  • The online registration process is fairly straightforward. To register for the PM KUSUM scheme, applicants need to visit the website and provide personal details like their name, date of birth etc.
  • The applicant also needs to fill in details about the family members who will be eligible for benefits under PM KUSUM scheme.
  • Next, they need to upload a copy of their Aadhaar card and submit the application form on the site.
  • The last step is to pay Rs 50 as registration fee by using either credit or debit card or through internet banking transfer from their bank account.
  • Once your payment is confirmed you are registered for pm kusum yojana and will receive an email confirmation with details about your application submitted successfully.
  • The pm kusum purpose is that people can enjoy power supply at least for 12 hours every day. Also there is no power cut during peak hours.
  • Apart from this, pm kusum offers additional 4 lakh connections for rural households which were not covered under any other government schemes till now and provide easy access to clean cooking fuel to those who don’t have it.  
  • It’s all about the electric connection provided by pm kusum yojana-  
  • The concept behind prime minister’s latest scheme has been inspired from Chhattisgarh’s model of providing 24×7 electricity supply with low tariffs. 

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how to apply in kusum yojana 

In a bid to increase public savings and create jobs under the PM’s Employment Generation Programme, the PM KUSUM scheme was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 20th. Under this scheme, the government will provide cash incentives up to Rs. 3 Lakh to those who open an account in any of the scheduled banks and deposit at least Rs. 25000 every year for five consecutive years in their account.

The PM KUSUM Scheme is available only for people who don’t have any other Savings or Current Account with a Bank. The PMKUSUM Scheme also provides additional benefits like life insurance cover worth 1 lakh rupees which will be given to the beneficiary if the account holder dies during the period of coverage . Also PM kusum new list from January 2019 contains 891 names from Odisha including famous personalities like Mayurbhanj district collector Mr Bijay Kumar Sahoo, Mayor of Puri Mr Sanjay Sahu and Aparajita Mohanty who are already on board as model account holders. 

  • The list is compiled after thorough verification that the individual has complied with all eligibility criteria and deposited Rs. 2,25,000 in his/her bank accounts between November 2018 to December 2018.  
  • If you want your name on the pm kusum new list download form from dic ekktva website and submit it before March 31st 2019 

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Special provisions for women entrepreneurs 

The PMKUSUM Scheme is a new programme by the Prime Minister of India for Women Entrepreneurs. It was launched on October 2, 2018 and is designed to promote entrepreneurship among women across India by providing them with support and impetus for self-employment. The scheme offers an online platform where entrepreneurs can register themselves under various categories based on their needs.  

The following are the benefits offered under this scheme:  

  • An assured bank loan up to Rs. 10 lakhs from any commercial bank or co-operative society as per the registered category. 
  • Loans can be availed from any lending institution in India at concessional interest rates. 
  • Cash assistance up to Rs. 10 lakhs in case of calamity. 
  • Support for start-ups with cash assistance of Rs. 50,000 and access to business mentoring services. 
  • Assistance in terms of opening accounts in nationalized banks or rural banks like State Bank of India or its associates etc. 
  • Assistance in opening a co-operative account so that members have easy access to funds without much hassle. 

A woman entrepreneur may avail these benefits irrespective of whether she has received an approval letter from her state government or not. Furthermore, if any disaster strikes the area in which a woman entrepreneur resides, she will be entitled to receive assistance under PMKUSUM Scheme without requiring an approval letter from her district administration. These schemes offer financial assistance up to Rs.10 lakhs in order to boost female entrepreneurship throughout India and encourage greater participation of women into entrepreneurial activities. 

Purpose of kusum scheme 

The Kusum Scheme is a new list of the most marginalized women in India. It was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the purpose of providing them with social security. The list is divided into two categories – local and national – depending on whether or not they are from an economically backward area or from a state where there is high incidence of poverty.  

To be eligible for this scheme

  • women must be below the age of 35 and have at least one child. They also need to be residents of India who will use their own assets to create self-employment opportunities through micro enterprises that focus on household needs such as milk production, making food products like jams and pickles, and stitching clothes. There will be no restrictions placed on caste or religion, but beneficiaries should not possess any property beyond their house. Their eligibility is dependent on meeting these criteria.
  • Women can register themselves by filling out an online application form which provides basic details about what they want to do business with, how much money they want, and the sources of income they already have. All decisions made after registering are up to the women themselves.
  • There is not yet information about when registration will open or how long it takes before someone can receive money under Kusum Scheme benefits, but Prime Minister Modi said that only two months after his inauguration he implemented cash transfers via biometric identification cards to provide poor households around $16 per month and offer free cooking gas cylinders worth $8 each. 


  • PM KUSUM is one of the most ambitious schemes of the Government of India. It is a scheme to provide a financial assistance to pregnant women residing in Odisha who belong to families below poverty line (BPL) and have no other means or livelihood. The Scheme aims at reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in Odisha.
  • There are two components of PM KUSUM- the direct benefit transfer component and the conditional cash transfer component. The Direct Benefit Transfer component under PM KUSUM will be transferred directly to eligible pregnant woman’s bank account through Aadhaar linked bank account facility. Under PM KUSUM, an eligible pregnant woman will get Rs 12000/- in three installments over the course of pregnancy.  
  • The conditional cash transfer component under PM KUSUM will be given only for those women who come back for regular check-ups. For every such check-up after six months till delivery of baby, Rs 600/- shall be paid as incentive which shall be directly transferred into the woman’s account if she is linked with Aadhaar number 

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