Pashudhan Bima Scheme 2023: Online Application, Animal Insurance, Check Status

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Animals are also the main source of income of the farmer, that is why they are called pashudhan beema Scheme. The farmer can insure any of his animals, from which the farmer is getting economic benefits and means of his livelihood, so that in future, if his animal is harmed by any disease or by wild animals or in any other way. Or if he dies, the farmer’s livelihood continues with the sum insured. Farmers get their crops insured but forget to get their animals insured which costs in thousands. In such a situation, the farmer has to bear a huge loss. Keeping this in mind, the central government has started the pashudhan bima Scheme for farmers. 

Purpose of Pashudhan Bima Yojana 2023

The main objective of this scheme is to provide insurance cover to the animals so that if the animals of cattle owners or farmers die due to any reasons, then they will be provided with the amount of insurance. Through this scheme, pashudhan beema Scheme will be saved from economic loss. A special feature of Pashudhan Bima Yojana is that under this scheme, once the premium is paid, insurance cover is provided for a period of 3 years. Milk business is the main source of income for farmers and pashudhan beema Scheme. Meanwhile, the lumpi virus has broken the back of pashudhan beema Scheme in many states of India. A large number of cows have died due to the virus and the earnings of cattle owners have been badly affected. Due to non-insurance of cows, they are facing huge loss to the cattle owners. 

How To Apply This Yojana

The farmer brothers who want to get their animal insured, first of all they will have to give information about the insurance in their nearest animal hospital, after that the veterinarian and insurance agent will come to the animal husband’s house and check the health of the animal. From which the health of the animal is known and the price of that animal is imposed. After the examination, a health certificate is issued by the veterinarian.

The insurance agent is examined, a tag is placed in the ear of the animal, then a photo of the farmer and the animal is taken together. After that the insurance policy is issued. If the farmer’s animal is lost, then the farmer will have to inform the insurance company or if the tag of the animal is lost, then in this situation also the insurance company will have to be informed and a new tag will be installed. 

Highlights Of Pashudhan Bima Yojana 2023

Name Of Scheme pashudhan bima Scheme 
who launched In collaboration with the Central and State Governments 
Beneficiary pastoralist and farmer 
purpose Providing insurance cover to animals 
official website 
The year 2022 

How to get the benefits of Pashu Dhan Bima Yojana 

The animal husbandry has to inform the insurance company within 24 hours of the death of the animal. The doctors of Animal Husbandry Department will examine the carcass of the animals, which will reveal the cause of death and then prepare a report in which the cause of death of the animal will also be written. After this the veterinary officer sends his report to the insurance company. The officers have to submit the claim to the insurance company within a period of 1 month from which the insurance company is given the sum insured to the beneficiaries of the pashudhan bima Scheme. It is very important for the insurance company to settle the claim in 15 days, so that the animal husband can get the amount of insurance easily and quickly. 

Under what circumstances will the benefit of insurance be available 

  • Natural calamities like flood, cyclone, famine, earthquake etc. 
  • in the event of an animal being electrocuted 
  • drowning in canal 
  • in case of fire 
  • in the event of an accident or collision with a vehicle 
  • Death due to accident due to any reason 
  • Death in attack by wild animal 
  • diseases such as rinderpest, black quarter, hemorrhagic septicemia, foot and mouth disease 
  • surgical operation 
  • strike, riot and riot 
  • terrorist act 
  • pashudhan bima scheme

Under what circumstances the benefit of insurance will not be available 

  • In case of malicious or intentional harm caused to the animal 
  • in a state of negligence 
  • In case of heavy loading or work done beyond capacity 
  • Use of animals specified in the policy for any other purpose without the consent of the insurance company 
  • Intentional killing of an animal, except in cases where the death of the animal by the veterinarian is necessary but accompanied by proof issued by the veterinarian. 
  • transport of animals by air or sea 
  • Transport by road or rail at a speed of more than 80 km 
  • Stealing or selling an animal without informing the insurance company. 
  • Death of the animal due to diseases within 15 days from the inception of the policy 
  • Without the tag, no animal owner can make any claim. 
  • pashudhan bima scheme

In case of change of ownership during the term of insurance 

If a cattle breeder makes sale or any other transfer of the animal during the validity period of the insurance, then the benefit of the remaining term of the insurance policy will be transferred to the new owner. The manner of pashudhan beema Scheme policy and the fee and the necessary sale deed for transfer etc. are decided at the time of contracting with the insurance company so that the farmer does not face any problem in selling his animal and also the insurance of the animal in any way. Have no effect. pashudhan bima scheme

Which animals are insured 

pashudhan beema Scheme is being run with the joint cooperation of the Central and State Governments, from which the cattle farmer or farmer is getting a lot of benefits. In this, any farmer or animal husband can get his animals insured. In this scheme, cow, buffalo, horse, camel, donkey, mule, bull, sheep, goat, rabbit, pig are insured. 

Important documents to apply for pashudhan beema Scheme 

  • caste certificate 
  • passport size photograph 
  • mobile number 
  • Bank account statement 
  • farmer’s aadhar card 
  • Ration card 
  • Proof of residence 
  • income certificate 

Eligibility of pashudhan beema Scheme 

To take advantage of the pashudhan beema Scheme, it is very important to know its eligibility, for this it is mandatory for the animal husband to be a permanent resident of India. And it is necessary for the farmer to have milch and meat producing animals such as buffalo, goat, sheep, camel etc. All these animals are covered under this scheme if the farmer has insured his animal under any other insurance scheme. If so, he cannot take advantage of this scheme. 

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