Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023: Apply Application Form Online, Download Pdf

In this article, we will discuss the latest initiative of the Government of Odisha, known as the Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023. The program aims to deal with various aspects of motor vehicle ownership and transportation with an emphasis on promoting road safety. Financial assistance, and enhancing overall convenience for the residents of the state. Throughout this article, we will cover the essential details of the scheme including benefits, eligibility criteria, key features and more. Please read this article completely to get comprehensive information.

Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023

The Government of Odisha has launched the Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023, an unprecedented initiative aimed at providing comprehensive welfare measures and benefits to the residents of the state in the area of motor vehicle ownership. Under this programme, the government has implemented several innovative policies and initiatives to address various aspects of motor vehicle ownership and usage. The initiative is set to bring transformational change in Odisha’s transport sector, with an emphasis on enhancing road safety, improving public transport and promoting sustainable mobility.

odisha motor vehicle welfare yojana

Overview Details of Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023

Name of the YojanaMotor Vehicle Driver and Employees Welfare Yojana
StateOdisha State
Launched On12th June 2023
Launched by the               Chief Minister of Odisha
BeneficiaryTransport employees of Odisha 
Aim and benefitProviding financial help
AmountRS 5,00,000
Registration modeOnline mode/ offline mode
Official websiteComing soon

Objective of Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023

The primary objective of the Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023 is to promote the welfare and well-being of motor vehicle owners and drivers in the Indian state of Odisha. This ambitious initiative aims to achieve this objective by providing comprehensive benefits and assistance programs designed to improve the lives of vehicle owners, improve road safety and promote sustainable transportation practices.

Major goals and aspects

  • Improving Livelihoods: The program aims to address the multiple challenges faced by car owners and drivers, including financial burden, safety concerns and environmental impacts. By doing so, it aims to improve the economic well-being and livelihood of those involved in the transportation industry.
  • Increasing road safety: Road safety is the top priority under this scheme. The government intends to tackle road safety issues through various means, such as upgrading infrastructure, enforcing strict traffic rules and running public awareness campaigns. The goal of these efforts is to create safer road conditions for all users.
  • Promoting sustainability: Sustainable transportation practices are at the forefront of this initiative. The government aims to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly transport options, including electric vehicles and cycling, to reduce the environmental impact of transport and promote cleaner modes of travel.
  • Supporting the transportation industry: Apart from benefiting vehicle owners and drivers, the program aims to create a conducive ecosystem for the transportation industry and its stakeholders. This includes initiatives to streamline processes, increase efficiency and facilitate the growth of the transportation sector.

Comprehensive Solution

Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023 is a comprehensive program designed to address a wide range of issues associated with motor vehicle ownership and usage. By providing financial assistance, promoting road safety and encouraging sustainable transportation practices, the government seeks to improve the lives of its citizens while promoting a more efficient and environment-friendly transportation system in the state of Odisha.

key objectives

  • Enhancing Road Safety: The primary objective of this program is to enhance road safety and reduce accidents through a multi-pronged approach. The government plans to invest in improving road infrastructure, enact stricter traffic rules and launch public awareness campaigns. These efforts will educate both drivers and pedestrians about safe practices of driving and walking on the roads.
  • Improvement in Public Transport: Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Scheme also lays significant emphasis on improving public transport services within the state. This includes initiatives to expand and modernize public transportation systems, making commuting more convenient and efficient for residents.
  • Promoting Sustainable Mobility: Sustainable mobility solutions are a key component of this programme. The government aims to encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation, such as bicycles and electric vehicles, to reduce environmental impact and promote cleaner transportation options.

Benefits of Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana

Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana provides a number of important benefits aimed at enhancing the well-being and livelihood of motor vehicle owners, drivers and their families. These benefits include:

  • Financial assistance to deceased transport employees: One of the primary benefits of this scheme is the provision of financial assistance to the families of deceased transport employees. In the unfortunate event of the death of a transport employee, this initiative ensures that their families have a source of income.
  • Meeting everyday needs: The financial assistance of the program plays a vital role in helping the families of deceased transport employees meet their daily needs including education, health care and other essentials. It serves as a lifeline for these families during challenging times.
  • Social Security: This scheme provides a kind of social security to the families of transport employees. This recognition acknowledges the sacrifices made by these individuals while performing their duties in the transportation sector.
  • Promoting Safety: By providing financial assistance to the families of transport employees who lose their lives in accidents, the scheme reinforces the importance of prioritizing safety in all transport-related operations. This is a reminder of the need for safe practices within the industry.
  • Emotional support: Apart from mitigating the practical challenges, the financial assistance provided by the scheme also acts as emotional support. It shows that the government stands with the bereaved families in their time of loss, offering solace and solidarity.
  • Motorist and Employee Welfare Financial Amount: Although the specific financial amount may vary, the scheme aims to provide adequate financial assistance to the families of deceased transport employees, thereby ensuring their financial stability and welfare.

Motor Driver & Employee’s Welfare Financial Amount

Death in a road accidentRS 4 lakh by the Welfare Board
Injured in a road accidentRS 80 thousand
Case of DisabilityRs 1.5 lakh by Welfare Board
DeathRS 2 lakh by Odisha Government

Program Benefits

  • Improved Road Safety: Through infrastructure upgrades and awareness campaigns, the program strives to reduce road accidents and make travel safer for all road users.
  • Better public transportation: Upgrading and expanding public transportation systems will provide more accessible and reliable public transportation options.
  • Sustainable transport: By promoting eco-friendly methods of transport, the program contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  • Financial Assistance: The scheme may provide financial assistance or incentives to individuals or entities adopting sustainable and safe transportation practices.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the benefits of Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana, applicants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Odisha-Based Transport Worker: Applicant must be a transport worker based in the state of Odisha.
  • Death due to a work-related accident: The applicant must have lost his life as a result of an accident occurring while on duty or due to circumstances directly connected with his profession as a transport employee.
  • Permanent Resident of Odisha: Candidate must be a permanent resident of Odisha with proper proof of residence.
  • Active engagement: At the time of the accident, the deceased transport employee must have been actively engaged as a transport employee.
  • Registration with authorities: The deceased transport employee must be registered with the authorities or organizations responsible for regulating the welfare of transport employees in Odisha.
  • Required Documents: The applicant or his legal representative must provide the necessary documents to establish his/her relationship with the deceased transport employee.

Required Document List

To apply for the Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana, applicants are usually required to provide a number of documents. These may include:

  • death certificate
  • accident report
  • identity proof
  • Address proof
  • proof of employment
  • Bank account details
  • Nominee details
  • Photo
  • postmortem report
  • medical report
  • insurance document
  • Other supporting documents

Registration process under Odisha Motor Vehicle Welfare Yojana 2023

At present the government has not released the official website for registration. Therefore, interested candidates are advised to stay connected for regular updates. To access more detailed information or begin the registration process, individuals can visit the official website when available.

Contact Information

  • For any queries or assistance, individuals can contact the helpline number 1800-345-1073.

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