Goa Gramin Mitra Scheme 2023: Registration, Apply Online, Status

The Goa Gramin Mitra Scheme 2023, recently launched by the Goa government, is a groundbreaking project aimed at bridging the gap between rural communities and essential government services. This innovative initiative seeks to provide convenience and accessibility to rural residents by bringing various government facilities and services to their doorsteps. It eliminates the need for them to travel to urban centers to access these services. In this article, we have provided all the essential details about this program, including its benefits, features, required documents, registration process, and more. If you’re interested in applying for this scheme, please read the entire article to the end and use the provided link for registration. 

Goa Gramin Mitra Scheme 2023 

The Goa Gramin Mitra Scheme 2023 is a pioneering and transformative initiative launched by the Goa government to bring essential government services directly to rural communities. Under this scheme, the Goa government appoints a network of trained community facilitators known as “Gramin Mitras” in the distant and rural areas of the state. These Gramin Mitras act as intermediaries between the government and rural residents, facilitating the delivery of a wide range of services directly to their doorstep. 

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Recognizing the challenges that rural residents face in accessing various government services, this innovative project aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities by leveraging technology and local government resources. Gramin Mitras are equipped with digital devices and mobile applications that enable them to handle and process requests, applications, and documents for a variety of government services. 

Key Highlights of Goa Gramin Mitra Scheme 2023 

Scheme Name Gramin Mitra Scheme (Sarkar Tumchya Dari) 
Launched By CM Dr. Pramod Sawant 
Launched On 14th August 2023 
State Goa 
Beneficiary Citizens of Goa 
How to Apply Offline 
Official Website Click Here 

Objective of Goa Grameen Mitra Scheme 

The main objective of this scheme is to provide easy access to essential government services for rural residents in the state of Goa. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between rural communities and government services by delivering these services directly to people’s doorsteps. By leveraging technology and local infrastructure, the scheme seeks to enhance the overall quality of life in rural areas by ensuring quick, efficient and accessible access to a wide range of public services. 

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Benefits of Goa Grameen Mitra Scheme 

  • Rural residents are eliminated from the need to travel long distances to access essential services, saving their time, effort and money. 
  • Reduces the financial burden associated with transportation expenses by reducing the need for rural residents to travel to government offices. 
  • This ensures that even physically challenged persons or people living in remote areas can easily access government services. 
  • Provides digital skills and knowledge to rural residents, making them more self-reliant in using technology to their advantage. 
  • Delivering government services directly to the doorsteps of rural communities reduces opportunities for middlemen or middlemen to engage in unethical activities. 

Features of Goa Grameen Mitra Scheme 

  • It covers a wide range of government services, including document issuance (birth certificates, residence certificates, etc.), pension payments, agriculture-related services, health care assistance, and more. 
  • Uses specially equipped mobile service units that visit various rural locations to ensure equitable access to government services for all. 
  • Allows citizens to make appointments for the delivery of government services through online or phone-based systems, ensuring efficient service delivery and minimal waiting times. 
  • Technology has been incorporated to enhance service delivery, including mobile applications, internet portals and digital payment options, making it easier for rural residents to access services. 

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Eligibility Criteria 

  • Applicants must be permanent residents of rural areas of Goa, as specified by the concerned authorities. 
  • There is no specific age requirement for participation. 
  • Persons wishing to participate in the scheme must register with the local government authorities responsible for its implementation. 

Required Document List 

  • Aadhar card 
  • Residence proof 
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable) 
  • income certificate 
  • mobile number 
  • passport size photographs 
  • Bank account details 
  • Disability Certificate (if applicable) 
  • educational qualification certificate 
  • Land ownership documents (if applicable) 
  • Employment Proof (if applicable) 
  • Proof of previous scheme participation 
  • Other specific documents 

Registration Process of Goa Grameen Mitra Scheme 2023 

  • Applicants who want to apply for this initiative should contact the concerned authorities. 
  • They should request the specific service they require. 
  • The officials will collect the necessary details from the applicants. 
  • Applicants should wait for the officials to deliver the requested service at their doorstep. 

Contact Details 

  • Helpline Number: 14471 
  • Timings: 8 am to 8 pm (seven days a week) 

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