Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 2023: New Rules, Whatsapp no.

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Earlier various schemes have been started which fulfill the needs of the citizens and provide them. huge benefits, now the Delhi Government, Arvind Kejriwal has launched the latest initiative which is the Delhi New Voluntary Subsidy Scheme delhi electricity subsidy scheme. With the implementation of this program, the government will provide 200 units of free electricity. that is, people will not have to pay if the unit is 200 or less. In this article we have provided you all the mandatory details related to this Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme. like, benefits, application process, eligibility criteria, purpose, features and also other details, citizens. who want to avail such benefits of this . Huh. Subsidy Scheme is advised to read this blog till the end and get all the information. 

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched a latest program called Delhi New Voluntary Subsidy Scheme. delhi electricity subsidy scheme Earlier with the help of this program the citizens had to face a lot of trouble due to electricity displeasure, with this initiative subsidy will be provided to all the citizens of the state, 200 units of electricity will be free for all the people. There are 58 million persons using electricity and according to sources 47 people get the benefit of subsidy, and there are 30 lakh people who get zero bill and 16 to 17 lakh persons get 50 percent subsidy from this scheme. Interested people who want to avail these benefits are advised to register before the end of October. 

Main Objective of Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 

delhi electricity subsidy scheme The main objective of this scheme is to ensure and provide proper electricity to all the citizens of Delhi and reduce the resentment. This scheme will provide subsidy for all the individuals. Because there are about 58 million people using electricity in Delhi, be it home or office or industry, and this is the reason why earlier individuals had to regularly face the wrath of lighting. Now the Delhi government will compensate all the losses and has started this scheme. 

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Benefits of Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 

There are many benefits that will be given by the Delhi government to all the citizens of Delhi, here is the list: 

  • Firstly, the government clarifies that there is no pressure on the people to get the benefit of subsidy, it is an option, as it will lead to harmony, better environment and democracy. 
  • Individuals can get the subsidy through the given mobile number, WhatsApp or SMS. 
  • There are two types of subsidy that individuals will get, first, electricity up to 200 units of each month will be free, and second, those who get 201 – 400 will get 800 in subsidy. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Interested candidates who are willing to grab this opportunity, they should have domicile of Delhi, and they should have registered connection with electricity department. 

Required Documents List 

Some of the documents which will be required to get subsidy from this scheme 

  • Must have Voter ID, or Aadhar Card 
  • mobile number 
  • E mail ID. 

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Procedure to apply through QR Code 

  • All you have to do is scan the QR code which is available on your recent electricity BSES bill, 
  • And then tap on the SMS link sent to your RMN, registered mobile number. 
  • And at last you will be informed that you have been verified and applied for this subsidy. 

Procedure to apply through mobile for Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme 

  • If you do not have Whatsapp in your mobile, then download it from Play Store. 
  • And save this mobile number 70113111111 in your mobile phone. 
  • Leave a message on that number Hello, and you will get confirmation that the subsidy has been applied to you. 

Offline Application Process of

  • Beneficiaries will have to fill the form which will be given in the next two billing cycles. 
  • Beneficiaries are required to enter all the mandatory details like Voter ID, Mobile Number, CA Number, Name etc. 
  • The beneficiaries then told to go to their nearest billing location and submit the form at the subsidy counter. 

delhi electricity subsidy whatsapp number 

  • Candidates willing to apply for electricity subsidy whatsapp number – 70113111111 can contact on 

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